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Thanks lil bebs (humans) for turnin this white wall into a baba digi "soliloquy" anon shit storm.  Love y'all; don't let a mouse click label promise you another cassette (or 45! just go here); sample some shit that's not 70's soul; make a beat out of it; send it to Brainfeeder with a dick pic; sell your SP-202 (again); find a loving girlfriend (again if you have to); visit this if you have time; try and use MFX 21 sometime; don't forget about Twin Galaxies; one last bandcamp atm; make your own label and don't show anyone (except Nipple Tapes in May); get into lightweight BDSM if you have time; so what are you waiting for? make your musical masterpiece!

Wont be posting here for some time; leaving site up for memory/archive.  Email to bitch me out or send some music for Index of/ Sampler.



Meili Xueshan I&II

Huge compilation via Hi-Hi-Whoopee featuring a plethora of artists such as

James Matthew
Susan Balmar
Scotch BX
a bunch of dudes I've never seen before

FYI - As the ethos of SLF addles and the crackpot posts lessen, I admit I'm not motivated to pay GOdaddy for another year.  I'm gonna let this .com address cancel and see what happens.  Ideally, this site will return to it's blogspot.com address.  Holler.

Team Canada

A canadian trio TAPE featuring CULP, DPEEE & ANTOJE
#PostTwinGalaxies #Synth




Next Week

SLF has been busy as fuck with some dumb shit but next week we have an hour long mix from WORM FAM and DJ Proud Mom as usual.  Following that we have a COX mix we'll play sometime in the near future.

In the mean time check out:



New Bootleg Tape "CLEANERS"

This guy

The amazing showergirl (RARE SAMPLES)


Mad Libs!

Welcome back everyone!  Let's play Mad Libs!!

The rules are simple!  Take out "Madlib" and replace with X artist and replace "he" with he, she or they!

For example, "I'm just saying its hard to get down about anonymous, blind hate on the internet when I see The Glitch Mob and they tell me I'm the man.  Priorities."