This tape was in production for a while and was originally going to be released as an SLF Tape but it was held back by p00k. The tape sat around feeling pretty lonely, some scroungers even managed to find this tape and purchase it before the bandcamp was even finished.

All this set aside, we have to present to you some gritty shit. All VHS and vinyl sampling with a Bside of crappy synths.

Since it cost only one dollar, I would buy it. Most SP cats are terribly broke and are borderline homeless.

Edit: We just found out p00k posted this tape on the SP-Forums. So it's legal for SLF to make this post then after all. The original post by p00k himself can be found here.


This is some old artwork that was proposed by SLF but was not used.

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  1. jojo955.2.12

    I cop this tape, HEAT !!!!!!!